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'Evelyn', the new documentary from Oscar winner Orlando von Einsiedel

I am very pleased to announce that 'Evelyn', the latest documentary from Grain Media and Violet Films will have its premiere at the London Film Festival. It's a deeply personal film directed by my dear friend Orlando in which he turns the camera on his own family and explores how they deal with tragedy. It's an incredibly brave film and I'm in awe of him and his family. It has already touched many lives and helped people open up about their own experiences of suicide.

I was lucky enough to work on it towards the end but many of my friends and colleagues have been working incredibly hard on it for over a year. It's an amazing film & you can see it at the London Film Festival in October. There are three screenings, the premiere being on October 11th.

An epic journey in von Einsiedel's documentary 'Evelyn'

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