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'Into the Fire' trailer released

I've been so looking forward to being able to shout about a film I worked on last year called 'Into The Fire'. It's about the incredible Hana Qassim and her all-female team of Yazidi de-miners who have taken on the extremely dangerous task of clearing the land of Northern Iraq of I.E.Ds. After ISIS inflicted barely imaginable horrors on the Yazidi people, they then left I.E.Ds on their farmland and in their homes. The Yazidi can't safely return to their homes until the land is clear. Hana is my hero. Directed by my friend and collaborator Orlando von Einsiedel, produced by my other friend and collaborator Harri Grace, shot by... (you get the idea) Jaime Ackroyd and music by Patrick Jonsson . Produced by all my pals at Grain Media and at Rideback with the Nobel Prize, for National Geographic Documentary Films. Here's the trailer. To be released at the end of May 2020.

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