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New Representation

Updated: Feb 7

I'm now being represented by the wonderful Holly Ryan, who is juggling my schedule with great zeal.

I'm happy to talk through your project, but to talk timings please contact Holly at InCrowd:

She'll be able to tell you what my availability is.

Holly Ryan (Agency Director/Co-Founder)

Holly has worked in the media industry all of her adult life, with spells in film, radio and internet but predominantly beavering away in TV. For over 12 years, she was an extra-large piece of furniture at the biggest editor agency in the UK in the role of Director of Bookings. Holly’s marathon experience, instinctive judgement and ever playful personality in the industry has resulted in a little black book which is bursting at the seams. Her objective is to make the TV world a slightly less murky, more open plan and fair place and she revels in nurturing and protecting the talent so they can focus on what they do best.

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