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'Red Herring', Dir. Kit Vincent, US Premiere at True/False Film Festival

The documentary 'Red Herring', directed by Kit Vincent, has its US premiere at the fantastic True/False Film Festival in Missouri. 'Red Herring captures the absurdity of the things we do to find solace in times of inexplicable tragedy'.

It is a deeply personal, often very funny documentary that I care a lot about. I want everybody to see it!

I was lucky enough to be a story consultant in the early days of the edit. I enjoyed the few days I spent with Kit & Hattie Brooks Ward, the editor, so much. They were both so open to collaboration & we had a lot of fun exploring where the narrative should go. Hattie is a wonderful editor.

Kit has done something extraordinarily risky by turning the camera on himself & his family, and I have huge admiration for him for holding his nerve over what must have been an incredibly tough four years. And it's paid off!

Produced by the lovely Ed Owles at Postcode Films, with support from The Doc Society & The Sundance Institute.

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