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'You Are Not Alone: Fighting the Wolf Pack', release for International Women's Day 2024

I am absolutely thrilled and relieved to finally be able to shout about the project we’ve had to keep quiet about for almost 3 years: ‘You Are Not Alone: Fighting the Wolf Pack’, directed by Almudena Carracedo & Robert Bahar (directors of Emmy & Goya award winning & Oscar nominated, ‘The Silence of Others’), an extensive deconstruction of the case that generated the first Spanish #MeToo movement, and resonated throughout the Spanish speaking world.

With over 80 hours of interviews, 50 hours of audiovisual material & more than 1,000 hours of archival material, it was a mammoth job. But it was the harrowing stories of sexual violence that we heard, particularly from ‘Lucia’, that made this the hardest job of my career.

It was a case that ignited a fire of protest across Spain and beyond, politicising a whole generation of young women and men, a million of whom took to the streets shouting, ‘Sister, I do believe you’.

We always wanted it to have as broad an appeal as possible, without jettisoning any of the complexities of a case that sparked huge social mobilisation.

The film is multi-layered and often challenging to watch. For example, it has two completely anonymous protagonists, a large ensemble of contributors, an incredibly dense court case, a discussion of legal terminology & historical cases of sexual violence that often make for uncomfortable viewing.

It was on Netflix top 10 non-English language films for three weeks globally, at number 3 last week.

I think that goes to show that audiences don’t need much encouragement to watch incredibly complex films with multiple themes.

I am so proud to be have been a part of it.

You Are Not Alone: Fighting the Wolf Pack,Netflix

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