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'Bruce Lee & The Outlaw' UK Broadcast & Critic's Pick

'Bruce Lee & the Outlaw' airs on UK TV (PBS America) this evening at 9pm. It is The Guardian, The Times and the Telegraph's Critic's Choice.

I am absolutely thrilled that this film I care so much about, is slowly getting the love that it deserves. It's an incredible coming-of-age story with wonderful characters. I am so proud of Joost Vandebrug for his perseverance in getting Nicu's story out to the world.

Ali Catterall in The Guardian says: 'In the underground ducts of Bucharest a band of children and their drug-dealing Fagin-figure – “Bruce Lee”, the “King of the Underworld” – redefine the meaning of family. For six years, Joost Vandebrug embedded himself in their way of life, resulting in this multi-award-winning documentary.'

Bruce and Costel next to the tunnels that were their home

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